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Bedekovich Brut Nature n/v | Wines Prigora
Bedekovich Brut Nature n/v

Bedekovich Brut Nature n/v

Wine description:

Kraljevina rises to its full potential only in sparkling wine. This grape variety normally gives light and crisp wines, and in sparkling wine these qualities become even more apparent. Especially when it is a Brut Nature version, without added dosage and sugar at the end of the process, which is not the case with other standard sparkling wines and Champagnes. Bedekovich Brut Nature is a light wine, authentic, greatly marked by its terroir, with a strong character, just like the nature made it, in all its dryness and beauty. The colour is light green-yellow, typical for this grape variety. Wines made of Kraljevina usually come in lighter and clearer colours, and in the vineyard the grapes are dappled with the characteristic reddish colour. The flavour is crisp and refreshing, with lots of citrus aromas, as well as attractive hints of elderberry flower and green apple. The foam is abundant, with fine and steady bead, and there’s a delicate touch of yeast in the finish. Aging on lees after the second fermentation in the bottle gave this wine a nice body, roundness and softness, without shifting the balance of its inherent freshness in the process. A subtle bitterness in the finish adds some finesse, and citrus notes bring on a long-lasting feeling of freshness. Bedekovich Brut Nature makes an excellent aperitif, especially before dinner. It also pairs nicely with fish carpaccios and raw oysters, but its most practical and probably most common use is to be served by glass as a refreshment on a hot afternoon or evening.


Vina Bedekovich
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