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Syrah Tannat '13 | Wines Prigora
Syrah Tannat '13

Syrah Tannat '13

Category: Wine without
Wine-growing region: Prigorje-Bilogora
Age of vine: 4 years
Altitude: 250 m
Orientation: south-west
Soil composition: clayey sand and clayey limestone
Vintage: 2013
Vinification: 3 days of cold maceration at 10 °C + 4 days of classic maceration at 18 °C, fermentation at 18 °C, 100% stainless steel tanks, selected yeasts

Aging: 10 months in stainless steel tanks, on fine lees
Alcohol: 10.8%
Acidity: 8.5 g/L
Residual sugar: 1.6 g/L
Bottle size: 0.75 l
Serve at: 16 °C

Wine description:

Opaque, deep dark ruby colour with traces of purple. In this blend, Tannat brings the colour, well structured tannins and herbaceous aromas, while Syrah contributes with freshness, fruitiness of red berries and mild floral notes. On the nose it is dominated by herbaceous tomato leaves mixed with blackberry, sour cherry and subtle floral notes close to violet. The flavour is marked with freshness, pleasantly acidic fruitiness, gentle tannic grip, and attractive finish reminiscent of ripe sour cherry and blackberry.

Recommendations for food pairing:

This wine is meant to be an unpretentious drink that pairs perfectly with all kinds of barbecue meat, especially burgers, sausages and smoky steaks.

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