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Prigora Wines

Prigora wines are made in a modern winery which is determined to show the best that Prigorje terroir can give. In our wines you can feel the primary aromas of grapes, fruity and herbal, developing into a plethora of flavours on the palate: citrus fruits, lime, peach, bell pepper, herbal notes - grass and asparagus, aromas of white flowers - elderberry flowers, gooseberry, and juiciness of Muscat, everything remains preserved and bottled. 
The grapes come from vineyards located on the altitude of 200 to 400 m above sea level. They are organically managed and harvesting is done manually, so that varietal characteristics and the aroma of grapes are completely preserved.  By maintaining the natural balance in the vineyard, we ensure a long-term coexistence between the grapes and soil, as well as the entire environment, which is reflected in the quality of our wines, true messengers of their terroir.


Vina Bedekovich
A    Bedenica 101
T    099 2220 204