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About Us

Green hills of Prigorje, only a 30-minute ride away from Zagreb, are part of the picturesque landscape of Mountainous Croatia, starting on southern slopes of Medvednica and bordering Žumberak, Moslavina and Kalnik mountains.
Thanks to predominantly continental climate with enough rain and fresh temperatures, pleasant winds and abundant isolation of steep hills facing south-west and east, this location has excellent conditions for lively and crisp wines with low alcohols, truly representing their terroir.

Wines from organic vineyards

The winery is located on a hill, surrounded with its own vineyards extending over the altitude of 200 to 400 m above sea level. They are organically managed and harvesting is done manually, so that varietal characteristics and the aroma of grapes are completely preserved. By maintaining the natural balance in the vineyard, we ensure a long-term coexistence between the grapes and the soil, as well as the entire environment, which is reflected in the quality of our wines, true messengers of their terroir.

Wines produced with modern technology

Our wines preserve the primary aromas of grapes, fruity and herbal, developing into a plethora of flavours, from citrus fruits, lime, peach, bell pepper, herbs and asparagus to aromas of white flowers, elderberry flowers, gooseberry and the juiciness of Muscat. The names of our wines also support this fact: Sauvignon Springtime, Riesling Brisk, Golden Muscat, Breg White Cuvée, Miris Prigorja (Aroma of Prigorje), all of them Prigora’s seductive and enjoyable wines in which you can taste the freshness and fragrances of Prigorje hills.

Wine tourism

If you really want to experience Prigorje and Prigora wines and enjoy this idyllic region perfect for family trips and friendly gatherings, visit our winery and have a tasting, combine it with trying some of Prigorje specialties produced by local farmers. Please, book your visit in advance by e-mail or telephone.


Vina Bedekovich
A    Bedenica 101
T    099 2220 204